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    i`m a newbie,can someone tell me how to set up an email account on my son`s laptop



    Do you not already have an email address? The one you used to sign up to this site.

    What sort of e-mail account?

    Or do you mean linking it to something such as Outlook/Outlook Express?

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    just a normal mail account,so i can keep in touch with him when i move out

    Go for a webmail account like Hotmail or something similar . That way you can send ,receive & view emails from any PC anywhere on the planet . If you choose to set up a Outlook Express account you need settings , user name ,password . etc , These are normaly given when you subsribe to a ISP [internet service provider]. With webmail all the e-mails are stored on the server as oposed to being downloaded to just one PC/laptop and maybe a better solution for you .

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    Thanx For The Advice,will Go For The Webmail.once Again,thank You
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