E mails containing verse or part stories, what are they mean't to be for ???

Found 22nd Apr 2009
I keep on getting them, here's todays:
How can one like us, conversant with duties and splendour
of the moon and stars. Behold those.

Christian Advice on Sex!

Mount. L. 6. A see, see wenches. L. 11. A and beat me down
on the price for my south i wish that battle, despatched
these to yama's abode. Committed in oberammergau for three
hundred years. And sanjaya, and vijaya, and jaya, and purakrathin,
without delay by means of thy frightful arrows!' him withfoot
andhorse. This large army did in a lively interest in the
questions presented, when this whole universe is thrown
into a state king, i have long ago forgiven it. Anger i
have one like the breath of life quitting 'a dead body.
remember thy birth! How canst thou boast of thy.
Pretty heavy hey !!
Community Updates
do not even open them they are part of a phishing process
Many programs that block spam search in the email for words like "viagra", "free", "sex" and so on.

By including a load of random words in an email these people are trying to get their emails through the anti spam programs.
delete em all. i do. only emails i open are ones i am expecting. i even delete the chain spam my gf sends me.
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