E-on Fix 2 Year MSE Collective Feb 2019

Posted 6th Mar
Anyone who signed up for this notice bills are extremely high? We’ve been on the tariff since March 2019, but have just switched to Octupus Energy as savings estimate £226 per year. As it was a 2 year deal exit fees are £60 combined, but still well worth switching for us.

Outfox the market estimated £280 per year savings, but didn’t want to take the risk as feedback wasn’t great.

Might be worth others running a comparison to see as I believe the prices on the tariff were high.
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My experience with Outfox has been good. The switch was done without any hiccup, meter reading reminder email comes every month and most importantly, I haven't had to call them even once.
We've just moved from Eon to Green Energy. Ridiculously expensive and their CS was shocking, I wish I had changed sooner than when I did.

Like for like unit usage we'll be saying £370 a year.
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