Posted 7th Mar 2023
Vodafone 10 pounds 7gb but mayby something cheaper any idea ?

Any1 know about this company Maya Mobile esim 3gb 6 pounds ?…/uk
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  1. Paul_Hickey's avatar
    Lyca are now offering eSim
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    How do you know ? have you seen any information on this?
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  3. master10's avatar
    Why do you want an E-sim compared to a standard sim?
    Just visiting?
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    samsung watch 4g
  4. Mr.Plow's avatar
    Looking at Maya mobile it's a data only plan so presumably no use if you want to make calls.
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    Can you make calls with an eSIM?Yes. After activating a Maya Mobile eSIM, you can continue using your phone number to send and receive calls and text messages (SMS). Your new eSIM plan will be used for data only, saving you expensive roaming fees.…ov8

    but it's not worth it pay 2 plans.
  5. Corkscrew's avatar
    An e-sim for your watch is usually an extension of your current mobile plan.
    I think most operators charge an additional £10 per month on your current plan
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    I still checking prices.
  6. Mr.Plow's avatar
    Try this deal then if for any reason it's not compatible with your watch then it hasn't cost anything…478

    Had another thought, I know you want to be able to make calls from your watch, presumably a different phone number won't be an issue.
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