E:15/10 Win A Siemens SL75 Mobile Phone and Saints Row Game

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Found 19th Sep 2006
femalefirst.co.uk/com…tml [U Click Here

Following the release of the number-one bestselling console game, Saints Row, THQ Wireless will release the mobile phone version of Saints Row on September 1st, across all major networks.

Saints Row introduces the player to the gritty urban world of gang life in The Big City, and offers them the opportunity to fight, steal, deal and freewheel their way to the top of the food chain, and become the most respected gangsta in town.

Joining as one of the 3rd Street Thugs gang, the player must look to improve their position by increasing their level of respect, whilst dealing with the repercussions of their level of notoriety. This is achieved by performing tasks for the gangs leaders, taking out targets with a trusty pistol and other acts of mayhem; in addition, the player can drive vehicles and take part in car races to enhance both their reputations and cash flow.

The player can also spend money on customising vehicles and purchasing weapons and other items for use in missions. Finally, as the player progresses, new features will be unlocked (such as new vehicles, play areas and different game modes).

[* Earn respect, money and notoriety as you work your way up to be the kingpin of Saints Row
[* Weapons include: pistol, Uzi, shotgun, rocket launcher, flame thrower
[* A Grand Theft Auto style game and the first one ever available on mobile
[* Free roaming world with varied mission elements, some of which are unlockable To celebrate the game's release we are giving you the chance to win a copy of the game and a brand new Siemens SL75 mobile phone on which to play it! To be in with a chance, just answer the following simple question:

What position does the player join the game

Answer: Thug

Good Luck img.moneysavingexpert.com/smi…gif


I would reply to ALL your posts n5760, but it would take me all day!

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no problem, just thought that would be good for everyone and the board as the comps were running dry i will keep up dating
[SIZE=2]Just need help selling my phones hint hint lol[/SIZE]

Thanks for posting

thanks for the comp post, here's hoping i win!

Thank you. I've entered

Thanks for this
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