e2save and Quidco - warning of new trick

Found 25th Jul 2008
I am normally happy with the srrvice from e2save but it now looks like they jhave a new / commonly used trick to avoid paying Quidco cashback.

the first time this happened to me it was a kind of viable reason

Applied for two phones on three , one for me via e2save nad one for my wife via OSPS

The OSPS one tracked OK and was paid out no problem

My order was apparantly rejected by three because there was a problem with my bank account so they had to call me and resolve the issue. e2save agreed to resubmit the order on the back of my wife's order and then I would get a refer a friend payment. The order went through with the same bank detaisl!

the e2save quidco was then rejected because of another refereal route. that was OK but then e2save said they had no record of the RAF referal so would not pay that either.

Anyway order another three phone a month or so ago via quidco with e2save. This order included my other three contract number as a reference.

Again e2save called me saying the order had been rejected by three. i asked if this is because i already had one contract with them. They said no that was not the case and there was no real reason for the rejection and they would call me back. Called back and said all was OK.

The order did not even track with Quidco so I raised a ticket to chase the cashback.

I raised the quidco issue with them and e2save told me that all was Ok as it was still classed vas an internet order.

Today I got the message from Quidco that my tracking query has been declined because Response from Merchant. Enquiry Unsuccessful Already registered with merchant.

So the lesson to be learnt here - if you order from e2save via quidco and then get a call from e2save tro clarify something or some other story that there is some kind of problem, cancel the order because they use this as a trick to get out of paying the quidco cashback, claiming the transaction was not done wholey online.

Hope this help some people to stop such companies getting out of paying incentives they are using to get our business

Community Updates
I made an order last month and my £37.50 validated on 22/07
So far so good so we'll see if they pay.
I actually contact a staff at e2Save to process via e-mail who helped me process my first order, so all my three orders are tracked. And for Free Gifts, I have another staff to whom I emailed that I wouldn't be canceling my contract in 14 days time and got them delivered the very next day by Royal Mail!

I have been having very good experience with e2save both in Quidco tracking and customer support! I would recommend them if someone is after a god free gift or cash back!!

I ordered a contract phone through e2save as they were offering a £130 cashback with quidco, BUT today I have just found that the quidco has been declined and no reason why so? I emailed admin@quidco.co.uk to ask why, but no response yet.
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