e2save are sending me two phones!!!


    Well I ordered the SE w800i on orange yesterday but today, found out that orange declined the order. So i rang up and changed the order to a virgin mobile tariff and stuck with that one. But I decided to change my mind again, and so rang up and then asked for the virgin mobile order to be cancelled and order the new one on the o2 200 contract, which involves a £100 in advance payment. So now, e2save have taken out the £100 payment. In the last ten minutes e2save have emailed me to confirm the order for the SE w800i on the o2 contract (which is the one I want) and have told me that it is on its way, and then 3mins after that email, I get another confirmation email saying that the SE w800i on the virgin mobile tariff is on its way as well and should be here tomorrow, so that will be two SE w800i phones that comes tomorrow. But I dont want the virgin mobile contracted phone, so what should I do? Ring them up and return the virgin mobile phone to them, or ring up and tell them to cancel the virgin mobile order and try and keep the phone? I'll return the phone if they havent taken out the money from my bank account for the virgin mobile contract, otherwise I'll tell them to refund the money then return it, if i can that is, lol.

    Does anyone know when they take out the money?

    Thanks in advance!

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    it's probably too late to cancel any order if they have already despatched the phones.

    however, you could either do a simple return of the unwanted phone, but would involve the postage of sending it back, unless e2save provides you with a prepaid envelope for the return, which you can try requesting (usually company would give out prepaid envelope for exchange but not return). you have 7 or 14 days peace of mind period to do this (depending on the company policy).

    second option, is to reject the delivery when it arrives. but you wouldn't know which is which until you opened it of course,so i guess you have to take your chance. rejected delivery will be send back to the sender, so that you wouldn't need to pay the return postage, but i would strongly advise you to keep in close touch with e2save to check up they have got the phone back.

    hope this help.

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