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    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, I sent off a cashback claim yesterday and received a text saying that they have recevied it. But I found out today that there is a new address to send it to now and it is not the address I sent it to. I have rung up and they have said it is not a problem and it will be redirected to them. Has anyone else come across this problem? What should I do now?

    Any advice would be grateful appreciated!!

    Thank you



    It doesnt matter, they have confirmed receipt, the next text should be it has been processed and you will receive your cheque n the next 28 days. There address changed a while ago and all mail is being re-directed

    Original Poster

    I see, I don't need to worry about that then!

    Thank you for your reply!!



    I see, I don't need to worry about that then!Thank you for your reply!!

    Your welcome, I sent mine to the wrong one at CPW (same company) and it just got forwarded to the new address, once you have the text to say its received it is your receipt that they have received it,
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