e2save cashback contact details - anyone have any?

    I have had generally a good experience with e2save as far as cashback deals go but now we, well my wife has a small problem that we need to discuss with e2save, but I cannot find any contact details on their website, other than generic email addresses which I am sure will take ages to get answered.

    Basically my wife took out 2 12 month cash back deals, and should get £60 back for each phone at each claim.

    The first set of claims went OK, had to chase them but they were paid.

    2nd set of claims were acknowledged and agreed, but when the cheques turned up yesterday, one was for £60 and the other £48 !!! both should have been £60.

    Now the only thing I can think of other than a simple error is that e2save have fined her because we send both claims in the same special delivery envelope, although both claims were separated within their own clearly marled envelopes within the external one of you see what I mean.

    We used the same process for the first claim, in fact the first claim also contained a claim of mine so had three separated claims in one SD envelope. This process was agreed with e2save over the phone and they paid out in full on all 3.

    So does anyone have a real person email address at e2save or the phone number for the cash back cliams helpline?



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