e2save Cashback - Have I calculated this correct?

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Found 7th Apr 2008
Hi guys I have recently taken out a contract with cashback with e2save but a bit confused, not sure if I have calculated this correctly but the first bill date 28/03/08. My claim is to go in on the 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th month.

I have followed the tutorial by duckmagic about cashbacks however I'm a bit confused, my 6th bill will be on 28/08/08 but duckmagics method means I will have to send off my 7th bill which will have the bill date 28/09/08. Does the first bill count, which arrives a few days after you've started the contract?

Can someone please tell me if the following months bills to send are correct


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the first bill does not count, i had same problem
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