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Found 19th Dec 2006
Just about to send of my first claim, and noticed that the original forms I had state

"Make sure you securely enclosed the correct airtime bill, refering to the cheque back table"

But when I log into my account on the E2Save website, the cashback form now states

" Please send a copy of the top 2 sheets of your bill back at the
months indicated on your Personal Cheque back Calendar"

I was going to send just the top sheet as this is the "Bill" the rest is your itemised calls. Or does it mean front and back of first sheet ?

And if i send too many sheets, will they be B*****S and throw it out.

They don't make it easy do they ?

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To be on the safe side, what I do is send the original bill and I keep a photo copy along with the recorded delivery ticket.

I only get two pages as I don't have itemised bill, but I don't think they will reject if you send more pages, but only they will not return the airtime bills.

Hope that helps.

Original Poster

Do you send copies of 2 sheets, or copies of both sides of one sheet ?

I'm confusing myself now.

i sent copies of the first 2 pages 1-2 and 3-4 which ended up on 4 sheets of paper they sent me a text saying to wait 30 days for a responce
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