e2save contract about to finish...what should i do?

    Hi my contract is about to finish in january.. I took out a 12months contract on O2 from e2save which gave me 400mins and 500txts and was 11months free. Should i ring e2save up and ask for a better deal or shall i ring O2 up? can anyone please let me know any good deals that they got after there contract was about to finish. .thanks


    As far as I can remember e2save is carphonewarehouse! its not a contract directly through O2 - they have different terms and conditions... you will have to ring e2save or carphonewarehouse.

    Whose name appears on the monthly bills? Is it CPW/e2save or just O2? Some O2 contracts are billed by CPW and some direct by O2.

    Try phoning both for a good deal - though e2save deals look thin on the ground at the moment, and there is also the problem that they frequently don't pay up on cashback claims now.

    The contract will be with O2...e2save merely sold you the phone and arraged the contract with o2

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    yeh the contract bill shows O2 on it... so i should i bother ringing e2save?

    no need...they'll only try to sell you something


    yeh the contract bill shows O2 on it... so i should i bother ringing … yeh the contract bill shows O2 on it... so i should i bother ringing e2save?

    You can try but I found that the best deals are to be had direct with the company (they usually offer similar or better deals but without the slight risk and bothr of cashback).

    My advice is to call up and cancel your contract with O2 and then try to negotiate a better deal. Don't be afraid to keep calling back if the person you are dealing with won't offer you what you want, it took me loads of calls to get what I want but perserverence is definately worth it as I got what was it the time the hot new phone (LG SECRET) with 400mins/txts for £15 month.

    Good luck!


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    if i carry on with the contract without a phone (only the sim) and if they credit me with £150 will they be able to match me with their sim only deal of £20 that gives 600mins and 1000txts plus a bolt on? or should i haggle them to lower the price of that sim only deal to like maybe £10-£15 a month?

    btw thanks a bunch for the suggestions so far reps for all

    Ideally you need to arm yourself with their competitors deals...I take it they (O2) have offered you £150? ...usually if your paying £20 a month now, they will most of the time budge on the monthly charge by a few pounds...or maybe just cheaper for a few months. Get it all in writing though...Vodafone stiffed me on a 12 month half price deal I negotiated...but reduced it to 6 months, 6 months in...they said there was nothing in the system about my offer

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    thanks a bunch pan will surely take ur advice on board :thumbsup:
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