e2save deals


    There seems to be some really good deals on the e2save site.....

    I was just wondering if anyone who has gone for one of the e2save phone deals in the past has got any

    has anyone had any problems with the cashback?
    who is responsible if there are any hardware problems etc (e2save?)
    what usually happens at the end of the contract (is the same price deal offered again)

    any feedback would be much appreciated


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    Hi. I'd jut like to start by saying that e2save are now owned by Car Phone Warehouse who, I think you'll agree, are a pretty reputable company.

    I've got a phone from there. It arrived very quickly, but I've not got around to requesting cashback.

    I don't think they offer you the same offer at the end of the contract, and so the best thing to do is tell them during the last month that you're cancelling at the END of the contract and get a new contract. It'll probably be a deal just as great, and it'll be a newer phone as well, and so even if they DID let me have the same offer, I wouldn't have it.
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