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Found 13th May 2008
I've recently taken out a contract with e2save and found this freephone number on their website, might be of use to someone

0800 049 3029

Takes you through to the customer advisors, exactly the same as the 0845 one
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Nice one, you'll need that to keep chasing up cashbacks!!!
[url]www.saynoto0870.com[/url] - saves me money all the time

Nice one, you'll need that to keep chasing up cashbacks!!!

Really? Are they that bad? :?

Really? Are they that bad? :?

Until a few weeks ago I would've said they're fine and people that complain have generally made a mistake somewhere along the line.

They refused my cashback and wouldn't give a reason. I have a contact in Charles Dunstone's office who has sorted it out for me but I now believe that people will sometimes get refused even if they follow the t&c's to the letter.

Mine may have been refused as I couldn't follow the t&c's, I have two contracts which both appear on the same bill and have to therefore be sent in the same envelope as you're not allowed photocopies. I realised this as soon as I got my first bill and got it in writing from e2save that it would be ok to send in the same envelope. I included this letter with my cashback claim and explained why in my covering letter. First cashback was fine, second one refused without telling me, third one refused on the grounds that second had been refused (I thought they were just slow in sending the cheque!).

As long as you accept you may have to chase them up and/or take legal action then they're fine. I only have my contact as I had to make a lengthy complaint about a year ago so I'm in a lucky position in that I go straight to the top with any complaints now whereas everyone else have to deal with customer assistants who generally in my experience don't fix any issues.
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