E2save how can they do this

    missus placed an order with the phone spot (part of cpw / e2save / onestopphoneshop)

    to cut a long story short she got declined on o2

    she gets a call tonight (from e2save) saying how there sorry she was declined on o2 bla bla bla (they mentioned her name address etc and even the handset she ordered so im 99% sure the call was genuine)

    the woman said to her '' sorry you was declined on o2 but just to let u no vodafone have expressed an interest in you and would consider giving you 2 handsets ''

    hows the above work?? and has anyone ever seen something similar before??

    she said they hadnt done a full credit check yet ( as they couldnt untill e2save had called and confirmed that was ok etc)

    she said they had done a miniture check, and from that they have decided they could maybe offer her 2 handsets

    does anyone no if this is true
    does anyone no how this works & how was the info passed on to vodafone with out her asking for it to be done

    i thought cpw/e2save had stopped doing vodafone

    im 99% sure the call was genuine im just a bitted [email protected] off on how they can say she could have 2 handsets when i bet any money she will get a call tommorow sayng she was declined


    Yep - they sell your details onto these 3rd parties......

    It's pretty standard practice, that when a credit application fails (as effectively, thats what the phone application was) that the details are passed onto a company that may be more suitable
    This will inevitably mean a less favourable deal. (ie for loans etc the % will be higher)
    In a phone application, the extra cost MAY just be hidden in the phones offered (ie the free phones offered may be less hi spec than that you may be wishing for)
    Its worth hearing what they are offering. Credit checks are not always yes/no, its what the risk is to the company offering the contract.

    Original Poster

    but it was e2save who called us and not vodafone (they did say vodafone would now deal direct with us)
    all so how can they sell our details with in 2 days lol

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    andrewrobinson1970 the thing is the phones offered where high spec (nokia n95 8 gig and samsung F700 and with standard voda tarrifs that ive found on the voda website)
    what i dont get is how do they let voda no about the missus when they no longer deal with voda

    i'd contact e2save myself and see what the score is, how can you be declined without a credit score being done? dont make sense. O2 are usually more leniant so i dont buy it.

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    she was declined on o2 (which was the network she applied for on the website) its voda that they say have said they have said they '' should be able to offer 2 handsets ''

    when they put your details in they sort of check u with all the networks to see what sort of chance you have

    happened with me with virgin but others would take me - however deals not as good on others so i told em to stuff it


    cpw did this to me, tried for an orange contract and refused, but told me t-mobile, 02, virgin and voda would allow me two handsets

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