e2save, One Stop Phone Shop (OSPS), Carphone Warehouse (CPW) cashback - how to complain

Found 29th May 2008
Have you had problems with e2save, One Stop Phone Shop (OSPS), or any other Carphone Warehouse (CPW) cashbacks?

My personal experiences with e2save have been appalling. Everything done exactly in line with the instructions, the right bills, separate envelopes sent recorded delivery etc etc etc.

Three out of four of our last cashback claims have gone unpaid, and are only being paid now after endless emails and a huge amount of wasted time. The line they usually take is that they have somehow lost the claim (although Royal Mail show them as having been received). They then demand to see the relevant bill all over again.

Ofcom are investigating Phones 4 U Group Ltd for mis-selling. Mis-selling includes failure to pay cashbacks.

If anybody has had problems with e2save, OSPS or CPW, please let Ofcom know, because they will investigate any company if enough people have valid complaints.

You can contact them on 020 7981 3040 or 0300 123 3333. Or email them at
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Never had any problems with them, 3 free phones and 100% cashback paid so far.
same here just finished my contract with e2save, all cashback paid within time, got a number u can use to ring them on which is non 0870

no is 01509 615993
tried the ofcom route before...pointles they are as useless as a sponge in a desert.

tried the ofcom route before...pointles they are as useless as a sponge … tried the ofcom route before...pointles they are as useless as a sponge in a desert.

They won't actually help you get the cashback - that's not what they're there for.

But they do log individual complaints, and once they reach a certain level they will formally investigate the company concerned. It was consumer complaints that sparked off the current investigation into Phones 4 U, and if there are enough complaints about CPW companies, they will investigate that too.

There are enough complaints about e2save and OSPS on this board to sink a battleship, and if only a fraction of those were referred to Ofcom there would almost certainly be an investigation by Ofcom. That would cost CPW a huge amount of money, and a massive fine if the investigation revealed mis-selling, which it almost certainly would.
I've not had any problems with them either.
never had any bother either - had 3 phones off them and cashback paid everytime
e2save refused to pay mine, luckily I have a contact in Charles Dunstone's office from a previous complaint who sorted it out brilliantly.
I was with e2save, then when cancelled via CPW for an 02 contract, they told me wrong address for redemption. Nocashback.

Told them via email, and gave Royal Mail postage proof, got 3 emails, 1 from CD's office, and cheque came from e2save. Impressed they didn't stall.

And when you cancel an o2 with CPW, they offer great free deals - 400m and 1000 txt as I understand they are "fined" by o2 as a loyalty penalty on 12m contracts
Had a terrible experience with e2save, first phone (clearance) looked like it was a 5 year old football replacement. Then ordered a new 6300 with Dell C2D Laptop as the gift, got the phone and sim but sim didn't work, kept saying wait 48 hours nothing else we can do...... after 9 DAYS of this loop I lost my rag and they sent me a new sim which worked. 30 days later I got the laptop but it was the Celeron version, sent it back.... waited....... wheres my laptop? Not in stock...... waited, wheres my laptop? On back order..... waited..... then out of the blue what arrives?? THE ORIGINAL F***ING LAPTOP I SENT BACK!!!! By this point i'd had enough of ringing them every other day and my old laptop had died so I just kept it. Wish I had the energy to send it back again.
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