E2save – Phone insurer?


    I had my phone delivered from e2save last week and the offer came with a free 3 months insurance, I did not want this but was not optional.

    I would need to cancel this within 3 months to avoid paying £5.99 from month 4 onwards.

    However, I have still not received any documents from the insurers and do not even know who they are.

    My past phones from e2save, onesop and mobileshop have all been through citymain, would citymain be the insurer for this phone too? - Are citymain the only insurer for the cpw group/mobileshop?



    Either go ]here and you can cancel via carphone warehouse, cos e2save are a child company of CPW or phone CPW on this number 0800 0494000.

    I did this last week, start of month 3, just in case, and got cancellation confirm paperwork in post.

    I was advised too, to cancel the direct debit on my bank account, which was easy cos i'm online it will be a DD to carphone warehouse, cos remember, your bills are with your service provider, not e2save

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    Thanks boydent999,
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