e2Save Price match deal - Please help with dates

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Found 14th Feb 2008
Can you please help me as I am not having any success getting through to them on the phone.

I bought my price match phone on 21/11 and my first orange bill was dated 22/11.

Do I need to send my fifth bill which will be dated 22nd March within 30 days ? If I send my 4th then that will not be 4th month on connection.
Previously it has always been 4th, 8th and 12th bills, now it is 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th.

Also is this the correct address :

Cashback Claims
PO BOX 462

I just need to make sure that I get the first claim correct, if I get the first one wrong then all futre claims becomes void.

Thanks very much


in price match terms and conditions you need to send that bill which will show 120 days from connection .
according to this condition i think you need to send 5th bill

Please send your claim to :

Cashback Claims Department
PO Box 337

Customers with more than one mobile purchase, must send each claim separately.

We recommed all claims are sent via a recorded form of delivery for tracking purposes.

Please note we have updated our address and there is no cause for concern if you have vouchers with an alternative address such as Dunstable or an alternative Crewe address. If you have sent mail to these addresses the items will automatically be redirected to us.

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Thanks for your help Munir,

I will send the 5th and hopefully should be ok after that with bills 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th.

I have the PO Box 462 Crewe CW1 9DY address so shall I just send to this ?
Going by your post, e2save should redirect to the correct if they have updated since I took out the offer and should not penalise me for that.

Has anyone been penalised for sending out to an incorrect address?

Do pricematch offers have different address?


Hi. I'm in the same position and am just sending off my price match cash back claim today. I'm sending my 5th bill. I too have the same address as you, but I'm going to send it to the address stated on the website just incase it doesn't get re-directed as i don't know how recorded delivery works with redirected mail.


what was your first bill, was it for a full month?

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Yes, the first bill was for the full month, does it matter ?


>> The e2save Cashback Calculator
The cashback calculator tells you when your claim window starts & ends for each section of your offer.

We do not restrict you to a single specific bill and you need to send the most recent bill for the claim window specified (Please note the bill should not be older than 28 days when you send it in!)

To view your claim dates and use the cashback calculator you will need your order ID and mobile number or email address.

-Click on the logo for the company you purchased the phone from

-Enter your order ID

-Enter either your mobile number or email address

-You can now view your order and details on when you claim your cashback

If you do not know your order ID you can use your mobile number or email to have this resent to you via the log in page of the cashback calculator.



Yes, the first bill was for the full month, does it matter ?Thanks

it is your fourth bill they want, cpw tried telling me it was the fifth one as summat to do with the 120 days connection, but i sent in the 4th(an as to me that is for 120 days of connection as you pay upfront, send in your 4th if its wrong they will let you know then send in the 5th when it comes, if you send in the 5th and its wrong you will have missed the deadline

on both of mine i have sent the 4th, 8th, and 12th bill in, my forst bill was dated and sent out the first day of the contract
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