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Found 2nd Aug 2006
...I mean QuerY! lol.


I know there is a feedback thread for e2save but my deal hasn't gone through yet so I don't want to confuse the original thread.

I ordered a phone yesterday and was told it would arrive today, which I needed because my phone broke on monday night. The website Summary says that stock has been located but that they couldn't process the order until I contacted them and gave them extra info. I just got off the phone to them and they said that the phone was out of stock but should be back in stock by monday. That doesn't help too much as I'm without a phone until then and am also going away for a week on monday which was another reason I needed the phone soon.

Is it possible to cancel the order or am I already signed up to a contract without even having passed stage 2 of the order history? Would it be worth me calling up and complaining with the hope of getting a better deal?


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oh well, I just called up and cancelled the order. Tried to push a new phone on me saying the clearance ones are all scratched and missing chargers or memory cards but the brand new deal was twice as much.

I had exactly the same problem, when they sent the phone it didn't work, I'm on my 3rd replacement. I was told this was my last replacement phone, all the time I have been paying rental to Vodafone, so I purchased a V3 from Amazon for £80 to get value for money.

The other problem is that they take 5-6 days to process a return which means that you are out of the 7 day cancellation period by the time you receive it.

My suspicion is that they send out pre-owned/refurbished/returned stock & thats why there's a wait. I telephoned them & pretended i was buying the same phone (Nokia 8800) on a very high tariff and they said they would send it out the same day as it was in stock, but I had wait a week for my lower tariff - add this to the fact that the handsets were faulty leaves me wondering.

I'm locked into an 18 month contract and never got to use the Nokia 8800, neither Vodafone or e2save would recognise that they haven't upheld their part by supplying saleable working goods - but i have to uphold my part of the contract by paying for the rental.

I feel really angry at both e2save & Vodafone, my only recourse is to sell the 8800 which I received this morning without using it on ebay & cancel the contract early with the money I make.

I envy your forsight in cancelling the contract (never will use e2save aka carphonewarehouse or voda again)
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