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    hi. not sure if this is in the right place, but i was just wondering if i bought a phone from e2save through quidco, would the £31.50 be paid after the contract finished (12 months later) or when the transaction is completed.
    also, cud sum1 explain how the moeny i earn through quidco is paid 2 me, as the website isnt very clear..


    Right, the cashback should get tracked when you start the contract, and be paid to your PayPal account within a few months regardless of the contract.

    Hi, I'm pretty new here myself but this is how I see it:-
    The company you buy from has to confirm to Quidco that you have bought something from them. I'm not sure how long this takes regards each company but one company confirmed my order after three weeks.
    I should think it will take around two months in total. Quidco pay you out by Paypal and Paypal will/may charge you 3.4% and 20p on every transaction. You will need a paypal account and you need to register your email address with Paypal and Quidco.

    I hope this helps.

    If I'm wrong I expect a regular poster will correct me.

    Quidco pays via Paypal, so you need an account.(Paypal is free if you have a personal account,can take in upto £250/month) The e2save payment should come through wihin a month of purchase according to the Quidco stats and it won't be at the end of the 12 months. Be careful with any cashback vouchers, only send them recorded delivery and at the right time to make sure you get the money back. I'm also not convinced about the e2save offers as they are all "off peak". You can get free 12 month phones with inclusive anytime cross network minutes if you check out some of the other deals. Depends what you are going to use the phone for I suppose.
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