Found 29th Apr 2006
Is it possible to do this.

In couple of months I want to get a 12month freeline rental phone, which is with hotukdeals.com/go.…=13e2save.com

Obviously you can get money thru quidco, but i noticed that e2save have a recommend a friend scheme. A friend of mine last year got a phone from them just like me.

I wondered can you go thru quidco and then use the Recommend a Friend Link, order your Phone so that you still get your quidco money but your friend also gets £20 due to them?

Or even, with me being an existing customer, recommend myself with my own Link when I make my new purchase,again getting the quidco too?

Im presuming that each option would cancel the other out and not benefit from both.

any thoughts?
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You can't do both. You'll probably get more through QuidCo.
quidco takes one month longer then
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