E6400 C2d + Pc6400 Ram

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Found 7th May 2007
Now that the E6420 is here and all the gamers will be avoiding the E6400, is there anywhere selling off the E6400 cheap? I don't need that extra cache at all. I'm looking at a E4300/4400 currently.

Where is the cheapest place I can get some good brand PC6400, also? The Geil stuff on COers? Their DS3 price is a bit high, though. Ebuyer have the bonus of £10 off Google checkout but never have the CPU, RAM or Mobo I want in stock at the same time!

Any help appreciated. Thanks

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the key to google checkout is you buy items singularly to benefit properly from the discount as you can use it as many times as you want.

the DS3 is an awesome board from what i have heard. get it.

get the geil pc6400 from ocuk

and the e6420 from ebuyer

should be a nice fast setup that!
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