E68 ERROR X360!

    My xbox works without the hardrive, i spilled a lttle bit of water on my 360 and the power went out in the whole house..

    Am i going to have to buy a new one or is there a fix?


    Try another HDD see if it is the HDD playing up or the console first

    try ]this for help

    New hard drive will fix this.

    Absolutely no need to buy a new house...........just flick the fuse switch. :-D

    Sorry.......hope you get it fixed.


    i had a e68 a few weeks back
    i unplugged the hd booted up to see if it was that
    plugged the hd back in and it booted up normal again

    Original Poster

    Looks like ill have to buy a new HD dam.. i hope they are cheap these days
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