...EA Active...the rival to Wii Fit...

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doubt it

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Nintendo need to release a Wii Fit 2 as the mini games get pretty tedious after a little while...

Hey... Has anyone tried the Wii Family trainer? I had both and to be honest you get bored of the wiifit after a while. Whereas the Family trainer is just brilliant fun.

Compared to the wii fit I think its much much better as you can jump on the family trainer, there is no danger of you slipping of the board or headache of battries and you can have a 2 player game!!

Also half the price!

Original Poster Supermod


EA couldn't make a game to rival pokemon snap nevermind anything else.

EA wind me up. They have the only rights to a cricket game being made for the Wii and yet they dont and probably wont produce one.
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