EA prioritizing 360 over PS3

    In talking about the issue, Richtel cited analysts as saying that development for the PS3 is more challenging than for the Xbox 360 because game makers have had less time with the hardware. He also linked it to delays of the PS3 versions of games like Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor: Airborne and Skate.

    Richtel revisited the topic after hearing back from EA about the issue. A representative with the publisher told the writer that as a release date nears, the company sometimes readjusts the manpower on the projects to complete the Xbox 360 version first.

    With a larger installed base for Microsoft's console, the rep said it makes financial sense to get that version of a game out first and maximize potential sales. The representative also noted that in the last generation, it made more sense for the publisher to focus on PlayStation 2 versions of games over those on the Xbox because of the platform's massive installed user base.


    That's going to hurt Sony a lot


    Not really, EA stopped making good games after John Madden '92 on the Megadrive.


    REemeber the ambulance! lol

    brilliant might have to get this out again its in the house somewhere

    lol i dont like ea games anyway.
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