EA sports mma online pass help Xbox 360

    Hi i have the game and the online pass , however can someone check how many digits the code is for xbox 360 as when i try to redeem on (as im not at home with my xbox) it says i have not entered a valid code.

    I have 16 digits is that right?


    You redeem it in game. Not through the usual code bit on the dashboard.

    Pm me the code and I'll try for you. Without actually redeeming it

    had to google ea sports mma :lol
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    so is it 16 digits, so i know i have the right code?

    Yes, 16 digits is correct for all EA Online passes.


    so is it 16 digits, so i know i have the right code?

    By putting the disc in and redeeming the code in the game menu. Only way it can be done.

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    I looked at that ot doesnt say how many digits it is

    ^tells you how to use it though
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