Posted 5th Feb 2023
What's going on? I ordered, as I suspect many of us did, a pair of Earfun Ear Buds in October. They still haven't turned up and I keep getting 'updates' telling me they're still not available for delivery. But, if you try to buy them tonight for delivery tomorrow, you can. As long as you pay £39.99. I paid £9.99. Is this just Amazon not wanting to honour their price?
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    This happened to me. The exact item was available on the website but it was not the price I paid for. Mine has been cancelled by Amazon after 4 months of me waiting Apparently they cannot stock that item and they said they tried hard to stock but was not possible lol (edited)
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    (Some) of mine were cancelled the other day. The White ones. Can't seem to find the message / email, think I've deleted it. Grrr

    No joy with the £9-ish Anker Soundcore A1 headphones, either (gave up on those, the cancellation email appeared on Boxing Day I think and I forgot all about it).

    Had better luck with the Q30…217 (after a bit of messing about).

    By the way, the higher price (I'm seeing £31.95) will be from third-party seller EarFun UK (different to Amazon themselves, similar to private sellers on ebay, though you do get a few bigger name stores on Amazon too).…MHZ (edited)
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    They just cancelled mine too, a complete waste of time really
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    And mine - today. I wonder how many 9.99s they've had for the last few months.
    I wonder if it's worth complaining, probably not.
    I just wish they'd told us sooner, there were a few deals I didn't go for as I thought I might still get them (edited)
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