Earlier today



    Unlucky mate, not the best time of year for it with christmas coming up :-(. As long as your insurance has it covered you'll be fine :thumbsup:


    Be good.. :thumbsup:

    That sux! :-(


    Whats this all about? :? lol.



    That sux! :-( ____________________Whats this all about? :? lol.

    Oh I was stealing his trademark "Be good, Dio :thumbsup: " since he wrote something different this time, well it made sense at the time..

    Ah, ok


    I have something in my eye :-(

    Was the passenger window on the left side? If so, it wasn't me.


    I feel I need to post, even if just to break your string of posts up.


    Be good; Dio!

    That sucks. Bad luck.
    No-one is immune from crime nowadays.

    Sad thing is the little scrote will probably sell it for a fiver. :-(

    At least it's only material things.

    What a rotten thing to have happen to you, sadly it's just far too common nowadays.

    Trying to look on the bright side at least all the things are replaceable.

    Thats rubbish mate - sorry to hear that. Hope they cut themselves!


    Hope they cut themselves!

    Why? Were they 'Emo' car thieves. :-D :giggle:
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