Early upgrade for o2 contract customers who got their phone through carphone warehouse

Posted 30th Apr 2020
Not sure whats going on here but I like many other CPW and o2 customers have received an email saying that o2 are no longer in business with CPW but that this would not affect my contract.

I checked my o2 account anyway and to my surprise it stated that I could upgrade to o2 refresh and that o2 would pay off the rest of my contract.

Gift horse, mouth, not looking at it....

Not sure if this is available to all CPW/o2 customers but worth checking. Especially as they are giving away 6 months disney+ too.

My contract was due to finish march 2021 - I've opted to keep my total contract cost and end date the same but added 50% more data and a cheap phone that can be a spare. If i did want to leave early now i'd only have to pay off the device plan which is £8 a month rather than my previous £31 a month contract.
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