Early upgrades

    Went into an O2 shop today to check my upgrade and was delighted to find out that because I wasn't on an O2 refresh contract I did not have to pay any up front cost atall (my upgrade would have cost me £118). Now I have my new iPhone 7 So get yourself into the shops and get your contracts checked out!! Could be good for Xmas presents for kids or anything! Also seen they're doing samsung tablets with nothing up front and only 17 a month and your getting data with that!! Decent deals going on!


    Had your existing contract expired then? How much are you paying per month for the iPhone?

    or alternatively don't pay stupid flagship phone prices / contracts and save a fortune. Have a Moto G / wileyfox, great handset, after c.£125 purchase price, £11 a month. Job done, cheap as chips and great handsets. Or go Chinese, get something great for not much more.

    aye mines up for renewal in january checked my account and its offering me a free upgrade too just a shame the monthly tarrif prices are pap

    Early upgrade isn't generally the cheapest way to get a new phone, just saying
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