Earn £1 Quidco cashback on Argos reserve online and collect in store

Quidco are offering £1 cash back on every reserve online and collect in store order.

Cashback on the Reserve Online & Collect in store will be limited to £1 per person per day. After you have collected and paid for your item(s) in store you will need to to manually validate the purchase to receive cashback.

To do this you will need to log in to Quidco, click on earnings, click on Dec then click the validate button. You will then need to enter your Reservation Number and TXN number from your store receipt. The Reservation Number can be found underneath the item description on your receipt and the TXN number can be found towards the bottom of your receipt.


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Not sure if this is a 'deal'. If not, mods please move it to the relevant section - thanks

been posted (and moved by mods to misc) before

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been posted (and moved by mods to misc) before

I did a search under Argos but couldn't find it.

I wish they wouldn't move stuff to misc - i always forget to look at misc :-)

Hi:) just mentioned this (very briefly) in the 60% off toys at argos post, have reserved items now in anticipation of a price reduction tomorrow as states price paid is price instore on day of collection, fingers crossed.


Moved to MISC - the other thread is here :



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