Earn 70p to do a questionnaire!!

Found 26th Mar 2009
Hi, Im a student from one of the universities in west midlands and need more respondents to fill in my questionnaire FAST as im racing with the due date. So im offering 70p to anyone who ever fill it in. It is about the study of consumer demographic variables with impulse purchasing so i need as wide demographic variables as possible and will not take 10 minutes of your time to fill it in. Its mostly ticking boxes...

SO to earn 70p you will need to have a paypal account. Simply give me your email address where i can send you an email with the questionnaire attached along with ur paypal address. When you receive the email, save the questionnaire to your computer then fill it in.... then go back to my email, click reply then attach the completed questionnaire and send it back to me. Simple! Once i receive your completed questionnaire, i will pay u your money to your paypal account....does it sound like a good deal?
Here is my email address: XXXXXXX

Confused? Ask me any questions. This is definitely not a scam!. Thanks a lot.
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no really as you complete newbie on here
um arent the questionaires usually £5? or £5 vouchers.
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