Earphone Volume Booster Power Amplifier

    seen this on hukd. will this increase volume of ipod as ipod vol is very low esp in gym



    You're better buying some noise-isolating earphones rather than boosting the volume on your iPod, the volume is limited on mp3 players to avoid damaging your hearing with excessive volume.…stm…cfm

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    thanks bjmcghee...... im getting the shure SE110s.... thats should help?

    What iPod do you use? With my old 3rd generation (2003 I think) I used Gopod to get around the EU volume cap. I also tried Eupod, which worked nicely.

    You could try mp3gain ]http//mp…et/ on your mp3s.

    Noise isolating earphones will help with enabling you to listen to your iPod (or other mp3 player) at a lower volume than would otherwise be required, but may not be so good in the gym. I find that the thumps of my own footsteps and noise from the cable rubbing on my clothing can be distracting as they are carried through the cable and into your ears as dull thuds and 'scratches' (this is my experience with Shure E2C, this may not be the case with SE110).

    The amp in the deal I posted won't give you a HUGE volume boost but will improve the quality and warmth of sound, in particular the bass.

    If it's just volume you want, you need to get around that european iPod volume limit.
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