The earphones that came with my Creative Zen Sleek Photo aren't very good.
    I've tried a set of Koss Sparkplugs but although the sound was better the earplugs were never secure in my ears and kept falling out so I sold them to a friend...who seemed to have more success with the in ear fit.
    I am tempted to purchase the Sennheiser CX300's (£21 or so at Amazon) but thought I'd seek out any recommendations based on good experience ..I do not wish to pay silly prices with a £25 limit.


    I recommend the sony EX71 or EX51 in-ear headphones. I was in the same situation as you, could not stand the creative headphones. Even though the sound quality was really good, they were so uncomfortable.

    These Sony in ear ones are excellent, dare I say it - but I got mine off eBay for about £25ish.

    I have a pair of CX300s, got them (amazingly) for £15 including P&P off of eBay. I like them a lot, and I have read of quite a few people who rate them better than Sony's inner ear offerings.

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    Thanks very much for the advice.

    I had a look at the customer comments on Amazon and unless Sony have improved the EX71's then it appears that the cord is prone to fraying..there were far too many saying this so I decided against this model.

    The comments on the Sennheiser's were far more positive so onto ebay and I was lucky to bag a new pair of CX300s for £14 inc P&P....I am not a fan of ebay as I hate risk so lets hope they arrive without any problems and they manage to stay in my ears!!!.

    Good luck with those!
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