Earphones deals please?

Hi all;

I have just purchased some Sennheiser CX400 II from Amazon, only for them to fulfill the order through a third party, causing me to be sent a fake pair. My disappointment at this aside, I now require a new pair. My budget is £25 although I will consider going higher should the earphones be of sufficient quality, and come with a lifetime warranty.

My only stipulations are that they should be the earplug-style earbud design, and preferably a recognised top brand. I'm interested to read your recommendations.

Thanks in advance



get atomic bass i got them very good earphones look at reviews there the best for the price

there on amazon for £21.95 its from a third party seller but its ok cause theres no fakes of these going around


but if u really wanna buy from amazon themselves there £35 or £40 with ipod mic and remote



these may look like gimmicky earphones but they are really good dont get sennheisers there crap iv tried the cx300s they aint what there made out to be

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Cheers. They got a warranty? I'm sick of only getting a few months of (fairly careful) use out of my earphones before the left one stops working...

Play are your best bet they always have excellent deals on headphones.

play.com/Ele…nre slightly more than your budget, but a very nice discount to what everyone else sell them at.

play.com/Ele…nre Not sure what these are like, but have a good discount, and get good reviews.
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