Earphones for Children

    We got an ipod for our 7 year old daughter for Christmas... but a) ipod earphones are poor and b) she's (obviously) got small ears. Has anyone got any ideas for some decent kid-size earphones they have used and can recommend?


    a) iPod earphones are better than most

    I'd go for some over the ear ones, so's not to damage young ears.

    personally hate ipod earphones-just cant get em to stay in! all my kids got the "marshmallow" ones from asda-nice comfy fit-they have memory foam covers and sound is excellent.


    a) iPod earphones are better than most

    not for kids...

    we got son tesco value ones £1.99 i think and £1 shop ones-they are both fine-over the head style is so much better for kids. Oh and that age cheapest too as they always break-i look for the ones that are wire over the head and they last and are resilient even for taking on hols:thumbsup:


    I'd go for some over the ear ones, so's not to damage young ears.

    ] agree and you can get these quite cheaply


    they look good but if she is rough they may snap at the gonna get soem for me though thanks:thumbsup:

    they have some over the ear ones in argos for under a fiver, gonna get some for my son, hes having the same problem


    i got my daughter an ipod for xmas to ~(she is 8), she chose the ones from HMV. They are expensive at £33 but she put her christmas money too them. Although hubby uses them most!!
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