Earphones For Jogging

Found 30th Jan 2011
Hi guys,
I've recently taken up a bit of jogging on a morning and a weekend and as I'm starting to go further I'd like to take my ipod with me to keep me company, however with my regular earphones I find it hard to keep them in when I'm sat still never mind running about.
Can anyone suggest a decent and cheapish pair of suitable earphones??
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not cheap but I use Sennheiser PMX 80 the best Ive used by far
Don't know if they're any good but a lot of people were buying hats with mini wireless speakers over the ears to walk/run at Xmas. This might work if you can't keep headphones in.
I'd go for 'in ear' ones by Creative, they don't bounce out.
Thanks for all your help guys, well maybe not you RichD I think I may get run over wearing those bad boys!! Ha.
Anyway I've plumped for the Sennheiser set so lets see!!
As ever the HUKD faithful come to the rescue!!
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