Earphones for less than £20

    I'm looking for a set of earphones for less than £20. Are there any great deals on earphones at half price. I can get the Sennheiser MX550's off ebay for £11.

    Anything better out there please?


    Hubby ordered some yesterday that he says rock from company called Advanced MP3 Players that are £17.48 with shipping and tax. The ones he gets are Koss ear plugs. He has bought a 2nd pair for when he can't find the pair he has now!!!!

    Possibly a bit more than you wanted to pay but he loves 'em…tml

    ]Sennheiser CX300
    ]Creative Labs EP-630

    Having used both, I think the Creative Labs pair are better.

    Do not buy them off eBay or marketplace. You will almost certainly get fakes. The easy way to tell is the fakes come in basically a condom wrapper, whereas the real ones will have the full retail packaging.
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