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Earth From Space

Posted 22nd Apr
I just watched the first episode ( a bit slow, been a busy week ). Any other thoughts from others?

I'm not sure many saw this, but the scene of the shaolin monks is unreal.

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not will to waste my time watching a fake titled program, more than 50% of the camera work is on earth
Watch "Behind the curve" if you fancy a laugh. (Netflix).
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Yeah it is. Though it's a great watch for comedy value., really is funny. "The TSA guard let me through without checking my bag as he recognised me as in my position as a flat earther", so many funny comments throughout it., even others like the US government inventing the dinosaurs and planting/faking the evidence. Cant seem to explain why though lol.
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I think there would only be one word, 'cretins'.

In a time when we have unfathomable amounts of scientific data at the fingertips of the majority of the planet, after countless images of Earth from space, gathered over decades, from many countries, some of whom are enemies, after people went to the moon and are permanently living in a space station that you can watch in real time orbit a spherical planet, you have to have something wrong with your critical thinking skills to believe the Earth is flat and that literally millions of people from all corners of the planet are secretly working to trick us into thinking the planet is a sphere for 'reasons'.

Seriously, you'd have to have a single digit IQ to believe the we live on a flat plain.
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Watch "Behind the curve" if you fancy a laugh. (Netflix).

Yes that is funny it makes it even more hilarious when they try to find excuses for when things don't work for them, but the ending is the best .
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It is amazing the lengths some people will go to for a little attention.

They could always watch an actual live space launch, spaceX do them fairly often. Watching them with mutiple camera's attached to the rockets themselves and to the launch/recovery platforms is an impressive sight.
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It's the giant mechanical arms in the middle for the sun and moon that finally pushed me over the edge (pardon the pun).

If you're willing to believe that... you'll believe anything.
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So do people who believe in the Jewish magician also have single digit IQs?
I don't like the show.
There's too much animals in fake peril BS and generally too many animals.
I FF through it and watch it in 5 to 10 mins.
I thought the program was excellent, as OP said the section showing the choreography of the Shaolin monks was breathtaking.
The aerial shots of the Okevango delta were something I haven't seen before, this thread just reminded me I haven't watched the second episode yet, thanks to the OP for posting it.
Second episode was just as interesting, the timelapse footage of the formation of oxbow lakes was incredible, a 30 year event in the space of a minute, brilliant.
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