Easiest £100 Ive ever made

    opened a sky bet account ages ago for the grand national and just recived an email from them, logged on and noticed i had a fiver in my account played blackjack for 5 minutes and won £100! i think blackjacks my new faviourte game.

    you can play with fake money to,


    con grats now dont get addicted

    yes quit whilst ahead
    or only re-invest THAT money NO MORE

    gambling is a gamble! to be used with caution!
    don't let the game control you! control yourself to control the game

    OMG i just lost ten grand
    oh well try again tomorrow!

    put it on the vitrual routtlle, worst comes to wrost you can make a thread saying "easiest £100 ive ever lost"

    lol... you could give it to me

    i think blackjacks my new faviourte game

    lol, mate carry on with that attitude and you will be posting on here in 3 month saying your house has been re-possessed

    You can get occasional good wins on BJ, but in the long run YOU WILL LOSE.

    Original Poster

    yeah dont worry guys i aint going to go crazy, was very tempted to carry on and see where i got but if i did probs just end up losing it all, £1 or £2 once in a while wont do to much damage though:thumbsup:

    well done, now go buy yourself some material goods like a new DVD or CD, or a big box of chocolates. Then you can feel good about yourself other wise you'll just lose it all again!

    yeah, dont think oo i can win more, you'll just get hooked! Well done though
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