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Found 30th Jun
Hi, looking for a really simple tent to buy, possibly a pop up one, with 2 rooms and a porch?

Tried two so far and they are an absolute nightmare to put up, so need something simple.

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Which are the two you had so far? This will help pitch (no pun intended) a tent
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Stick with it , all tents of the size you mention are a nightmare the first time you try to put them up which is why you should do it in the garden or a local park (if you haven't got a garden ) at your leisure before going away .

Once you have done it and know the size ,where the poles go etc without any time pressure you will find it simple on subsequent occasions
Pop up tents are a piece of cake to put up. They can be a nightmare to take down. First time we tried to do it it took about 45minutes. With practise we got that down from fully pegged out to in the bag within ten minutes. We have a two bedroom quechua base seconds 4.2 from decathlon. They don't make it any more but you might find one on ebay. I bought one of those blow up ones from decathlon last year. Yet to try it out but will be doing in the next week or so
Had a tent (still got it ) with 2x3 man rooms at each end centre "lounge " with porch -total about 25 foot x 12 foot . Took best part of a day to put it up on my lawn . After doing that I could sling it up in less than an hour , another hour to peg and guy it properly - all on my own (women don't really understand the techniques of tent erecting and are best left to put the kettle on ).

Where is your "Hunter gatherer instinct " ! - A man who can't put up a tent should hire a static caravan ………… As I do these days - just can't be bothered with the night time trudge across to the loos (tripping over everyone's guylines as you go .
How about an urban escape inflatable tent from Halfords, halfords.com/web…ent
I myself have this tent that I got from Halfords a few years ago for £150, best tent I have ever had and I have had a few, easy to pitch as it is only 3 poles, 2 bedrooms either end and plenty of storage room in the middle, can pitch this is less than 10 mins.

Two possible options.

Khyam tent. Goes up in seconds, but expensive. Often good 2nd hand on ebay.
Inflatable Tent. Goes up in seconds, some limitations. Expensive.

Or, just practice with your standard tent. It does get easier.
We have one of these jrleisure.co.uk/201…676

Even though it's huge it only takes about 10 mins to put up as it has airbeams instead of poles.

Another 10 mins to peg it down and sorted.

Not cheap but brilliant.
You need 2 kids to help, one is called beer and one is called peg!
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