Easiest To Open Uk Bank account+ Debit card?

Found 24th Jan 2016
Need a visa card to add to paypal, for some reason they aren't accepting mastercard to withdraw
Anyone can tell me at which bank I should try to get an account/visa debit card which don't have monthly fees or other ridiculous fees and maybe some cashback offers on purchases (but not 100% necessary ) and Don't require an ''proof of address'' as I don't have any bills to show as I don't pay any for which you get a letter with your name/address , I'm fine with going to branch to open the account But have heard that they are just stupid strict about this stuff here so wanted to know which bank I should go for and which to avoid?

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Co-op basic account will do you. Visa with no credit checks or anything. Just a simple basic no frills account.

Just read your full post. For money laundering reasons every account will ask for proof of who your are and where you live so you must have that available.

If you are unwilling to disclose who you are to the banks or PayPal then I suggest you have a read of this site as it may be of use to someone who has a reason for hiding their identity. oO


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I have no problem going to branch to open the account and prove my ID as I said earlier but I don't have any utility bills!
Mastercard is a credit card thats likely the reason why it wont allow you to withdraw. Surely a credit card statement will be prove of address if u dont have any utility bills.
I opened one with Lloyds. applied online, took proof instore, Just showed passport and a bank statement from my hsbc account. Didnt need a utility bill.
Except I only have an Non-UK bank account/card...
HSBC might b a good start they do international accounts so could maybe link to ur current account... alternatively ask your current bank if they have any assistance they can offer
Search on moneysupermarket
There is a list of banks provide basic bank accounts
But you have to be UK resident for normal bank accounts its not bills u need to prove but UK residency
It could be provisional licence, doctor letter with passport etc
Paypal does ask for documents as well sometimes if you are selling and u will have to provide all proofs or they will hold the money for unlimited time
I don't have a card added to PayPal and use it all the time. Just a bank account. I transfer funds from bank to PayPal directly, takes seconds. Any refunds from eBay sellers go straight to PayPal so there is no delay.

When I want money from PayPal, I transfer back to the bank. Takes up to 2 hours bit has taken more once when they did a fraud check on a large amount. No card has ever been added to PayPal
And the bank account I use is a Santander Basic. Not even a debit card, just a cash withdraw card. No over draft, was easy to set up too. Did it all over the phone
Ask the person that pays the electricity/gas bill to add your name to the account for a couple of months. When the next bill arrives it will have their name as well as yours on it. You will be able to open an account with that. Afterwards call the electricity/gas company again, to say that you have moved out and they will remove your name again.
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