Easiest to use bootable formatting app?

    Ill try and keep it short and sweet, a friend of mine knows nothing about PCs and his has died, he needs a fresh XP install and has an advent xp recovery disc for his advent pc.

    Thing is he needs to format the drive first, using quick format because some of the boot files are conflicting, i need to know what a good bootable formatting app is so i can give this to him on cd for him to use on his machine, as i said it needs to be idiot proof lol, any suggestion??




    You could take a look at ]http//ww…com , or probably easier - just stick the XP install CD in and let it reformat.

    Edit - fixed URL

    yes easiest is to put xp in and let it boot the pc, options are there to format/partition etc

    have u tried repairing... so put the advent xp disc in.. change the boot sequence to CD and run from there... it should bring up the installation screen of windows.... wait unti lit checks ur PC out. then u have 3 options.... select repair (repair console)

    then run a chkdsk /r

    it will take 45-1hr depending on size of hard drive. this should fix the problem....rather than formatting ur har ddrive.

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