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    Hi all. Looking to travel to America for my 50th birthday in August with my gorgeous wife. We want 4 or 5 days in New York then stops in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls then 4 or 5 days in Toronto. Or start in Toronto and do this route in reverse. Looking for advice, inspiration, alternative stops or places to visit from anyone who has been to this region. We have a budget of £5000 and a travel window of 2-3 weeks. Been looking for weeks and seem to be going round in circles! Any help or advice really appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    hi my wife and i have been traveling and working the states since 97 we have always done our own thing booking flights hotels motels restaurants etc done Toronto to Niagara via the USA
    my son and his wife did new York in November and we are up todate with things in new york its up to you what are looking to achieve is the first question now here is something for a start new york is small do you like travelling by car train bus have a think about new england if you go to Toronto finally get a big spread out map in detail lay on floor and look at the places you want to visit and why ps us side of Niagara is grim Canadian side is brill plus its a few miles from the original capital of old Canada plus its spot in the middle of Canadas wine region we are off to new england in October with a slip across to san diego
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    Shame as I highly recommend the West Cost, Vegas, San Francisco, Grand Canyon and a National Park or two.

    Can always make it a circuit (especially since flights may be cheaper if you enter and leave via the same airport). You may have to extend it to 3 weeks, but from NYC you can head north through Vermont (or even stop in Boston on the way), check out Montreal (really nice old town and great food), Ottawa (Canada's capital, lots of history), Toronto, Niagara, Pittsburgh, Philly and back to NYC. Easy to start somewhere else e.g. if you are flying in and out of Toronto instead. You might need a little extra time, or have 2/3 days in the main cities rather than 4/5, but it's not a difficult drive and there's lots to see.

    Might be worth asking on a relevant forum

    We did a similar thing last year (for our 50th birthdays). We flew to Toronto and then stayed in Burlington. It's about a 45 minute drive from Toronto towards Niagara but we only had a couple of days there. Our main purpose was to go to Niagara Falls which we did on the first day of our holiday when we were still jet lagged - we were up really early and in Niagara by 8.30am. We did have a day in Toronto and we used the local train for that - it took about an hour and was much easier than taking our car into the city centre.

    If you're planning to stay in Toronto itself and you don't have a car there are day trips that you can take to Niagara. The Canadian side of Niagara is better than the US side, you get the views that you see on television.

    From Toronto we took a flight down to New York and had a few days there.We stayed at the Salisbury hotel on 57th Street. Bit dated but very clean and conveniently located with subway stations only half a block away. There's a great deli just across the road as well.

    Then we took a train down to Washington for a few days more - it took about 3.5 hours. We chose to stay in Alexandria just purely because we could get a decent size room for 4 of us much cheaper than in central Washington. Transport out there was very easy using the metro.


    Shame as I highly recommend the West Cost, Vegas, San Francisco, Grand … Shame as I highly recommend the West Cost, Vegas, San Francisco, Grand Canyon and a National Park or two.

    ​Agree. Rented A Dodge Charger....

    Did a three week east coast tour last year, Miami, Key Largo, Orlando, Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Washington, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, New York, Boston.
    2 adults 15 and 12 year old boys. Mix of cities, beaches and theme parks, best holiday I've had, probably better than the west coast tour we've also done.
    Get yourself on TripAdvisor and spend a few hours on the forums for road trips. Spend some time planning on google maps. I'd recommend booking flights, car, accommodation and entertainment ticket etc yourself, you'll save money and stay in places that better suit your needs. Driving anywhere in the states is easier than UK, even driving into new york isn't a bad as people would have you believe.

    will a synopsis and get it to you

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    Thanks for all the great replies. We were originally going to try and end up or start in Quebec but the flights either didn't work, couldn't get back to New York from there or were really expensive! We're doing the West coast next year for my wifes 50th starting in San Francisco and ending up in Vancouver hopefully. Been pricing car hire versus train,bus etc, car more convenient but train cheaper. Flying to and from same airport is a lot cheaper but means a long trip back from somewhere. Been on TripAdvisor a lot looking and asking questions on the forums. Just obviously trying to work out the best route, the best value, the places we really want to visit and also any hidden gems people may have visited off the beaten track. It's so vast that we will only really be able to scratch the surface but hoping to get a real taste of the place and stay as long as we can on our budget. Thanks again and any more ideas, tips or suggestions are very welcome.

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    Decided to skip Pittsburgh and try and include Montreal after Toronto. A bit more travelling but a lot more to see and do there I think. Easier to get back to New York from there too. Struggling with rental cars now! Any advice?

    If you include Boston on your trip, in addition to it being a nice place, you can take advantage of the cheap airfare from Gatwick on Norwegian.

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    Unfortunately Norwegian are more expensive in August to Boston than KLM or Virgin to New York.
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