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Found 15th Aug 2008
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You never know, he might come back like Dirty Den did.

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The JFK;2755146

You never know, he might come back like Dirty Den did.

you give me comfort

wonder how they got him to close his eyes like he did, honestly who bubbled ???

The JFK;2755146

You never know, he might come back like Dirty Den did.

:lol: I can foresee the weeks and weeks of 'guess who's back' trailers before the shame of Kyte getting caught in a compromising position on a web-cam backstage weeks later...

Thanks for the spoiler, I was going to watch this at ten

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Wellard played by Kyte Wellard was Robbie faithful dog, then Gus's. Now he's back with the Jacksons.
First Appearance: 18.10.1994
Marital Status: Single Address: 31 Albert Square
Occupation: Pet

"Woof woof!"

Wellard fathered Frieda the greyhound's puppies. Frieda was Grant and Nigel's dog.

May 2008
Gus leaving him behind when he went on tour with Keisha. Being looked after by Mickey, then sold to Vinnie, before ending up at Pat's with the Jacksons.

Jul 2007
Being kidnapped by Jay.

28 Feb 2003
Gus becoming his new owner when Robbie left Walford.

15 Nov 2005
Biting Ian on the bum.

Being taken in by the Jackson family (Carol couldn't say no in the end).

:-( a had a tear in my eye my 11 year old daughter went of crying think because we have a dog and hes getting on a bit to


my daughter cried 13 year old
because a coulpe of month aga we had to put her down

rip cindy
she used to rock her to sleep in the crib when she was a baby


Cut the spoilers from the OP-

Obviously the topic is: (Quoted from original opening post)

"very sad episode, end of an era ~ RIP Wellard"

If you look in the Soaps question thread you'll see my answer
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