the woman is watching Eastenders, something i try and avoid, but is it always like this?

    today appears to be british black history lesson?

    i stopped watching casualty because they kept on trying to push political messages via the story lines, every week it was the same.

    either the writers have moved to eastenders from casualty or the bbc are stepping up their political messages.

    why cant these programs be entertaining without the need to force views on the public? at least with corry, it is mormally light banter and the odd murder, not much in the way of forcing opinions via story lines on people.

    next time i will tell the woman to watch this tripe upstairs.

    rant over.


    agree, very boring.

    i think its strange that none of them own a washing machine :?

    also no one has been made redundant yet:?, oh yeahs it cause none of them do a full days work ever, ie Bradley he always has holiday or half day blah blah blah, WFT

    charlie drives a taxi but only taxi's people to and from ablert square lol

    they eat in the cafe everyday, Martin used to get a cup of tea from the cafe when his kitchen door was 2 steps away:?

    its not always like that, ive missed it tonight but i read about it on the google news website, dont know why they done that tonight, strange

    everyone goes to the vic everynite or argee bahjee for birthday, aniversary, valentines day

    Original Poster

    and then peggy shouts " geraaaaaaaaah ma pub"

    tonight was appalling to be honest, undertones of political messages and several comments that people are racist even when they are not.


    i thought tonights episode was weird. They never bring the outside world into it, they mentioned pancake day and a full blown black history lesson. I didn't know about how the notting hill carnival started. i say well done!. Hollyoaks however always brings in special days, football and other events. yes my tv habits are very high brow as you can tell!

    I spotted other nationalities drinking in the background in the Queen Victoria pub, but I guess the production team had to include those in case anybody complained.

    Imagine the fury that would ensue if there was an entire white cast in one episode!

    I was actually grateful that it was half an hour of people not shouting at each other for once.



    Original Poster

    oh christ, im sending the woman upstairs to watch it, this tripe is still going on.

    peggy is throwing janine out by saying ' gerrahhhh ma pub'

    and it is still black history week with activists bleeting on about how bad things are and nothing has changed.
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