Easter Bunny Story - Humour

    So there I was on the garden step looking really miserable, my wife comes outside and says to me "What's wrong with you?".
    "I've just killed the Easter Bunny with the lawn mower, look there it is on the lawn" pointing to the rabbit lying on the grass.
    "oh I can take care of that!" she says and gets this bottle from the bathroom and starts rubbing the contents on the Easter Bunny, all of a sudden it quivers and jumps up, gives a little wave, hops a few steps, gives a little wave, hops a few more, gives a little wave, gives my wife an Easter egg, gives a little wave and starts to disappear whilst waving.
    "What is that stuff in the bottle?" I ask my wife and she said ......
    "Oh it's just my shampoo and conditioner, the label says...."Restores lifeless hare and gives permanent wave"


    made me laugh

    oh dear ......


    made me laugh

    Think you need to get out more.......
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