Easter egg hunt at to win an iPod

    If you find one: post the links here to help others! Go to:…jsp >>><<<

    Welcome to our yearly Easter Egg Hunt at I Want One of Those
    You have the chance to win a shiny iPod Mini with consummate ease! All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a colourful iPod Mini is to hunt through the site for 3 Easter Eggs - our lovely tech team have hidden them in some crafty nooks and crannies. They're quite easy to spot and look like this:…gif…gif…gif

    When you find an egg simply click on it add it to your Easter stash. Once you've found all three eggs, you will be asked to give us your email address so we can enter you into our draw. There are 3 iPod Minis to be won, so get hunting!

    * All the eggs will be eaten by Tuesday 18th April 2006

    *Author edit. I've been searching for half an hour and I haven't found one yet. I give up!*


    lol - great start to a thread !!

    Not bad, only ten minutes for all three :lol:

    Original Poster

    are you joking? I've clicked those links, and actually browsed through those pages last night, and I can't see anything....*dumbfounded* :?:

    Prehaps the eggs move about randomly?

    Only one entry per person and the winner will be notified by 18th April.

    I think they must be randomly displayed...

    How did you manage to find them so fast ace_dynamo?

    Original Poster

    i went through about 3/4 of the items, one by one, and didn't manage to find one. i hadda give up, my eyes were about to fall out of my face, looking at all the kitsch. :pirate:

    GUYS I'VE FIGURED IT OUT!!! [/size]

    You have to click the link through from their competition page, and then the eggs will shows up. It doesn't work if you just go to and start searching. Problem solved!!

    Well done! Thanks Emma

    Emma, you're an absolute star, well done :thumbsup:

    I found them pretty quickly too. Just keep clickong on items. Sometimes it appears over the item picture, sometimes it appears over the left navigation bar.

    I just searched for Easter related items, first one i found in the product when i searched for 'egg' the others for 'chocolate'
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