easter eggs

went to tesco today, nothing exciting in the sales that they weren't doing before christmas, but they have started putting the easter eggs out, they had loads of the cadbury ceme egg (others in that size too carameletc) and mini eggs!

can we not just enjoy christmas and new year in peace??


They were in Wilkinsons on the 23rd Dec!

I see this today in my local Tesco, I couldn't believe it I had to look twice! then went over to Boots & they was putting out Creme Eggs ect! crazy :w00t:

omg i hate easter


what do you expect.....this has been going on for as long as i can remember, nothing new

and yes you can enjoy xmas and new year in peace if you stay at home:)

what next....spring summer season fashions

Somerfield had mini eggs on the same display stand as cadbury snowballs at the start of december!

This sort of thing has always puzzled me. If I had a retail shop I would want to maximise my profit from the available shelf space, not have something that is patently not going to sell for a couple of months. Perhaps someone who is retail management can explain why they do it?

Right so when are the fireworks coming in? :oops:

I bought my brother creme eggs for his birthday on xmas eve!
Asda have fireworks in!

easter eggs lol

fireworks will be in for new years
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