Easy Capture - VHS to Home PC Cables


    Saw an advert for this in the sun the other day its £40, and claims that you can transfer any VHS and camcorder recording to PC for storage and copying to cd/dvd.

    I was wondering if anyone has used one or has any knowledge of them. If this is a decent price and do they work?

    Thanks in advance.


    Think it's the same as this…929

    which is what I got.
    Works fairly well. If you got it from the sun though you'd be paying approximately £30 more

    Get it from dealextreme. May take a couple of weeks though as they post from Hong Kong

    i'd look on ebay first probs get one cheaper than a 10er

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that we will probably get one from one of these sources now, but has anyone actually used one and had good results?

    We saw a write up that said it didnt actually work, and was wondering if its a waste of money but I suppose at these cheaper prices we could take a chance.


    Think it's the same as … Think it's the same as this is what I got.Works fairly well.

    Resolution/quality = ~ svhs standard

    Black and white
    Get a Dazzle Creator, proper piece of kit, on special offer in Maplin.

    I got the EasyCap device from dealextreme ,delivered for only £9.61 . It's actually quite good , you can connect anything you like to it ,VHS ,camcorder ,dvd etc and view or capture to the supplied software . I connected my CCTV device to it and you can monitor the picture on screen . Well worth the money ....but not for £40
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